Yes Racism Is Real–as if we need confirmation

Racism continues in sports. In the NBA. As long as any major league sport has the divisions in ownership, management, players, fans and team identities so clearly divided along racial lines racism will continue. 

What is racism again? To keep the air clear and any discussion focused I’ll stay with the major dictionary definition: 

  a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

Notice the basic act upon which the belief is founded is beyond the control of each and every person alive today. It is the thinking which says “by my birth I am better than you, or worse than you, always and forever, no matter what I do or do not do in life.” Who I am, what I can do, what I have done and what I will do is irrelevant. Who you are, what you can do, what you have done and what you will do is also irrelevant. This belief is factually wrong, as current science well proves. We are one race, the human race. 



It is time for the major sports teams in all sports to face this, open the discussion and begin by formally renouncing all racist team identities be they racist and endorsing racial ranking or exploitation in name, logo. mascot or fan behavior.

What actions can you take if you support identifying and changing all racism in sports? Keep reading, more coming soon, specifics and an open discussion for real changes, sooner rather than later. 

Thinking Ahead about a Head

When a child is involved the adults need to be adults. This did not happen here. While it is easy to blame the school district in my experience most mothers do understand if something aobut their life or their family’s life is a bit unusual. Why did the mom not read the handbook carefully and at least ask a question before sending her son to school? Does the school district have the children come to the registration or meet the children before the first day of school? My children visited the teacher for kindergarten before the first day, to learn the classroom and meet the teacher. 

The child’s view of school is something to see. Add to a rather unusual perspective the stress of new faces, new places and lots of excitement some advance thinking can keep the first day positive. Cultural challenges can be well managed with a bit of forethought. Folks, with children we do have to think ahead. That is what being an adult is all about. 

Some Good News

Good News happens: another media outlet, this time an major one, bans a team name from its coverage. Congrats to the Washington Post for taking a stand against the Washington, D.C. NFL team name. I am issuing them a challenge: ban all racist team names and logos/mascots from their coverage, in all media outlets. That can be good important news. 

To the team owners: if you are concerned over possible peer pressure criticism at the rarefied heights you each live at why not be leaders in those circles? Change the conversation, start with the small comments, move to the larger forums and then if need be use social pressure to create change rather than reinforce the status quo.

Exploiting indigenous identities for profit is not a credible or smart position to hold in the 21st century.  Do you really think Native Americans have forgotten the past? I know they have not. The world has not forgotten. People everywhere do not ignore indigenous tribal realities today. They shape America, they shape our world, they shape your lives. 

Diversity Now

Diversity Now is complicated. The latest research shows just how complicated. Various ethinic groups see diversity differently. However all research shows diversity strenghtens all decision making in all group and at any levels.

Does diversity start with different genders?

Does it take simply members of different sexual orientations to create a diverse environment?

Or does it need those of different ages?

Of does diversity require both men and women in positions of authority?

Or does it require different backgrounds?


Or does diversity have to have those of different nationalities?

Or does it build from those with  different skin colors?

Or does diversity require those who are rich and those who are poor?

Or does it call for those with different religious beliefs?

Or does diversity at all levels need all of the above? Reality certainly holds all of the above.


Good News on Clippers

Clippers are to be sold, without Donald Sterling’s involvement. This is good news for the team, the NBA and yes(sadly) the Sterling family. It is impossible to know if Sterling faked his dementia although that is a possibility since it cannot be verified until an autopsy is done. He escapes with his excuse for his behavior formally recorded and a huge profit….but faked or not, he is out of the NBA.

Now for all sports to takle all racism. Here is the Native American tradition continuing…..with pride.

Photo: Women in Native American dress